Magazines Report 2016 – 17


20 Oct How to use data to solve all of your problems

Data is the Swiss Army knife of publishing. One gadget that solves multiple problems. Data can help publishers, editors and ad directors answer, among others, the questions of: • How to replace the failing advertising-based media business model • How to develop content that leads to increased audience engagement • How to attract,...

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07 Jul Give your boss this story: Innovation starts with the leader

[custom_font font_family='Raleway' font_size='19' line_height='26' font_style='' text_align='center' font_weight='300' color='' background_color='' text_decoration='none' text_shadow='no' padding='0px' margin='0px'] Without leadership, training, and rewards, innovation will not happen.[/custom_font] [custom_font font_family='Open Sans' font_size='13' line_height='26' font_style='italic' text_align='center' font_weight='300' color='' background_color='#ffffff' text_decoration='none' text_shadow='no' padding='10px' margin='10px']From our Innovation in Magazines World Report 2016-2017 [/custom_font] Innovation dies at the...

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