Bezos and Buffet: the logic to owning a newspaper today
SHOCKED! That’s how many in the media industry felt upon the announcement that the Grahams, whose family had owned the Washington Post - one of the world’s most prestigious newspapers - since 1933, was selling their title for $250 million. Even more shocking was the buyer, a complete outsider to the newspaper industry: founder and digital icon, Jeff Bezos.
Quality Journalism: Running Like a Swiss Watch
For many years, quality newspapers were supported by a healthy business model. The mission of newspapers may have been to inform and delight readers, but commercially, they were ad platforms, brilliant means by which marketers could reach valuable audiences.
The Financial Times ’ Post -Print Digital Newsroom and Mobile Future
“We are moving from a news business to a networked business.” So wrote Lionel Barber, Editor of the Financial Times, in a January 2013 memo to his staff, pushing them to embrace the “new avenues and platforms for the richer delivery and sharing of information” offered by the internet.
Noticia Agora
Relaunching of Noticia Agora

INNOVATION has relaunched the popular daily Noticia Agora! of Rede Gazeta Group.

With Antonio Martín, responsible of the New Design, Eduardo Tessler, responsible of the New Content Structure, and the involvement and effort of the Newspaper Direction and Newsroom, a huge challenge has been forged.

A new formula to become the leader in the market of quality popular newspapers of Vitoria.

 The circulation of first issue has run out in few hours! 65.000 copies sold!

Design keys for news websites
Over the last 15 years I have seen the same mistakes over and over in news websites. You can design your website according to your corporate brand and needs, but please don’t forget about these concepts.
Jacob Matthew
Innovation in Newspapers 2012: Foreword
Jacob Mathew (WAN/IFRA President, Executive Editor and Publisher Malayala Manorama Group, India)
Magtweets: Your Industry in very few characters
In an age of nanoseconds, yes, 140.character Tweets, who's to say we can't give you valuable intelligence in dozens of what earlier generations might have called 'snippets?