The Team


We have a loyal, dedicated and utterly professional network of more tan 80 consultants in every continent. We speak 23 languages. We constantly and obsessively share all our knowledge, cases, insights and experiences so our clients can instantly benefit from our expertise and global innovation.



Journalist and Doctor in Law. Former Vice-Dean, School of Journalism, University of Navarre. Professor at Columbia, Stanford and Harvard universities.

Juan Antonio Giner

President of Innovation

Visiting Fellow at Oxford University focusing on the future of news media. Co-editor of Innovations in Newspapers and Innovations in Magazines World Reports as well as Capturing Young Readers.

Juan Señor

Partner, London

Journalist. Graduate in Information Sciences from the University of Navarra. Former Press Chief of the Communications Cabinet of the Navarra Pavilion during the World Expo in Seville and reporter for Diario de Noticias (Pamplona, Spain). Co-editor of Innovations in Newspapers.

Marta Torres

Company Director



  • Carlos Soria

  • Francisco Gómez Antón


    • Mustafa Alrawi
    • Michael Agar
    • Ángel Arrese
    • Marc Basté
    • Walter Bernard
    • Matthew Bennett
    • Marta Botero
    • Sophie Bougneres
    • Denny Brack
    • Silvia Bueso
    • Mariana Caetano
    • Carlo Campos
    • Juan Caño
    • Diego Cenzano
    • Fred Coleman
    • Ben Compaine
    • Chus del Río
    • Olga Egoreava
    • Claude Erbsen

    • Chiqui Esteban
    • Mike Fairhead
    • Tino Fernandez
    • Vasco Ferreira
    • Thodoris Georgakopoulos
    • David Gil
    • Milton Glaser
    • Emma Goodman
    • Douglas Griffen
    • Andrew Jaspan
    • Justin Kings
    • Damián Kirzner
    • Arno Laeven
    • Felipe Lamus
    • Warren Lerude
    • Nat Low
    • Natxo Marcet
    • Antonio Martin
    • José Antonio Martínez-Soler

    • Ana Molina
    • Manuel Moncada
    • Pedro Monteiro
    • Ismael Nafría
    • Nic Newman
    • Chris O’Brien
    • Taiwo Obe
    • Spiros Polikandriotis
    • Pablo Ramírez
    • Mónica Rey
    • Guillermo Schmitt
    • Thomas Souto Correa
    • Barry Sussman
    • Olga Tarnovska
    • Eduardo Tessler
    • Álvaro Triana
    • John Wilpers
    • Deborah Withey
    • Javier Zarracina