Innovations In Magazines 2010

Innovations In Magazines 2010

If ever there was a time to shake things up, it’s now.

INNOVATION Media Consulting presents the Innovations in Magazines 2010 World Report: a look at the top magazines and publishers, and what they’re doing not only to stay ahead of the curve, but to set it. While some struggling under the pressure of a tough economy, others are thriving because of it.

Over the past year, INNOVATION has sought out the brightest in the business, who are not only weathering the storm but developing new content and revenue streams to ensure their good health into the 21st century.

Here, you’ll find new marketing strategies and new technologies. You’ll see multimedia used like never before, and you’ll see emerging forms of journalism and content. But most of all, you’ll see where the magazine industry is headed. Publishers are getting creative and by blending future technology with old-fashioned hard work, they’re making huge strides in moving the industry forward. The future of magazines is indeed bright, and in this first annual Innovations in Magazines World Report, we’ll show you why.

The Innovations in Magazines 2010 World Report was first presented on March 1, 2010, by its editors and INNOVATION consultants, Juan Señor and John Wilpers, at the Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin. The study is co-sponsored by INNOVATION and FIPP.