El Colombiano, 100 years

El Colombiano, 100 years

Today, EL COLOMBIANO, one of Latin America’s leading family-owned quality regional newspaper, celebrates its 100th anniversary with a complete re-launch that includes radical and innovative changes which include: a new format -from standard to Berliner-; new full colour state-of-the-art printing presses; and a new design formula 100% produced and implemented by an innovative in-house ECOlab, led by Martha Ortiz.

Its editor, Ana Mercedes Gómez, and General Manager Luis Miguel de Bedout, have been the forces behind this dramatic change in a country where media business are booming.

INNOVATION’s Chairman, Carlos Soria, and INNOVATION consultants, Marta Botero and Antonio Martín, were in Medellin helping during the launch.

INNOVATION was asked to re-invent the content model and the newsroom management model, including the concept for a new open-space -integrated and multimedia newsroom- a project in progress, based on the ideas of our Calau&Riera media architects.

Besides, INNOVATION is working with the board of directors of EL COLOMBIANO in the new multimedia strategy and corporate governance one the group.

INNOVATION’s Director Carlo Campos is leading the project and more than a dozen of INNOVATION consultants are involved in this work.

The first issue of the new paper includes an original of the most famous Colombian artist, Fernando Botero: a painting done on a front page of the old paper.

(In the pictures, the new front page, an inside double-spread and the ECOLab team celebrating the launch of the new EL COLOMBIANO).