How we can help with your iPad

How we can help with your iPad

If your organisation is considering what to do to have a popular and profitable iPad presence, INNOVATION can help.We are already developing the first iPad products with a radical new content architecture, navigation and designDigital News Design

INNOVATION is a pioneer in the creation and development of digital narratives and visual journalism, with decades of award-winning concepts, designs and products.

We have been commissioned the development of two major global newspaper iPad versions as well as three leading consumer magazines.

We have put together our best team of visual editors, multimedia journalists, designers and developers to expand our Digital News Design team so they can help our clients launch new iPad products in 2010.

This team is made up of the winners of ‘Best Newspaper Concept and Design’ in Europe and the World for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. The team has a demonstrable record of success with its product conception and creation – success measured in notable increases in circulation and sales for each award-winning project.

You Cannot Pour Old Wine Into New Bottles

We believe you cannot pour old wine into new bottles. We believe the iPad is a new medium, a new platform which requires mastering and producing new digital narratives. The iPad and tablets require a new journalistic grammar, new workflows and innovative storytelling techniques.

Newsroom Integration

Producing content for the iPad also requires a new newsroom organisation where integrated teams can produce quality content without duplicating resources, overwhelming staff and diluting quality. We are world leaders in the integration and design of newsrooms and we have developed workflows and organisations that can help you do it all – including an iPad.

Business Unusual

We also believe, the iPad is business unusual and it requires a well-defined model for paying for its content. Our management team have developed methods and guidelines on how to get consumers to pay for iPad content from the very beginning at price-sensitive costs and with clear payment methods beyond iTunes.

If indeed you want to enter and embrace the iPad age, INNOVATION can help.