September 2015

READERS CAN REMOVE MAKEUP FROM A COVER GIRL: Readers of Brazilian weekly magazine Caras got to take the makeup off of actress Giovanna Ewbank’s face thanks to an innovative ad from Neutrogena and agency DM9DDB (Photo courtesy of Cara and DM9DDB)

14 Sep You shouldn’t put lipstick on a pig; you can put it on a magazine cover

[custom_font font_family='Raleway' font_size='19' line_height='26' font_style='' text_align='left' font_weight='300' color='' background_color='' text_decoration='none' text_shadow='no' padding='0px' margin='0px']Let’s take a break from innovation fever and revel in some good old-fashioned print creativity, shall we?[/custom_font] [custom_font font_family='Open Sans' font_size='13' line_height='26' font_style='italic' text_align='left' font_weight='300' color='' background_color='#ffffff' text_decoration='none' text_shadow='no' padding='10px' margin='10px']By John Wilpers / Innovation...

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