Just Launched: Innovation in News Media 2017 World Report

The ​Innovation in News Media 2017 World Report, published by INNOVATION Media Consulting on behalf of WAN-IFRA​, once again punctures hype to present demonstrable innovations that increase reach, relevance and revenue.

In this year’s edition, the focus is on paid content and new business models. ​

After many years of crises, and millions of dollars thrown at different experiments along the way, several coherent and profitable new models ​have​ ​​now emerge​d​ for ​news publishers. ​These new models are more focused on ​​reader revenue and creating reader communities.

And a​s newsrooms around the globe embrace multimedia, always-on​,​ best editorial practices​;​ journalists​ and ​editors are turning their attention to creating journalism in an age of mistrust and false news. ​The ​Innovation in News Media​ 2017​ ​World Report ​is full of the latest analysis and ideas about how you can transform your business, as well as several real-world case studies that examine how newsrooms have actually tried to implement positive change with diminishing staff and resources​.

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