Innovations in Magazine Media 2013 World Report

Innovations in Magazine Media 2013 World Report

Print swings and sings in the new Innovations in Magazine Media Report

Augmented reality has brought print to life in the fourth Innovations in Magazine Media World Report. In collaboration with Layar, Innovations brings you video, slideshows, interviews and swing! Layar specialises in mobile augmented reality.

To be launched on 19 March 2013 at the FIPP/VDZ/eMediaSF Digital Innovators’ Summit (DIS) in Berlin, Germany, the 2013 Innovations covers everything from advertising innovation, social commerce, e-singles, a magazine published as a poster and one with a playable video game cover, to new skill sets for publishers and a magazine as amplifier.

Co-published by Innovation International Media Consulting Group and FIPP – the worldwide magazine media association – the 2013 Report showcases new, dynamic and lucrative innovations in all aspects of magazine media.

Innovations is available in print (enhanced by AR from Layar), in digital edition and app formats. The digital edition and app are powered by YUDU.

Innovations’ case studies cover: Coca-Cola.FM, JWT and Capricho magazine; Nexus; Time Dog; Bradesco Car Insurance; Volkswagen; CW Network and Entertainment Weekly; Dolce & Gabbana and Marie Claire; Net-a-Porter; Glamour Personal Shopper; National Geographic; The Atavist; Popular Science; Harper’s Bazaar; Action Commerciale, the UK’s Covered, Brazil’s Mundo Estranho, Germany’s YPS, Southern African Tourism Update, Wired in the UK and Marie Claire in the US; Esquire; the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm; Zinio, iba, Next Issue Media and; Planeta Sustentável; ESPN Magazine, and The Economist’s Electionism.

For further information about these case studies visit the Innovations toolkit.

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